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Royce will work with you to create a reasonable payment plan for cases he does not work on contingency for.


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Royce Ferguson is an extremely experienced lawyer with personal injury, civil litigation, and criminal defense. Call him today!

Royce Ferguson Attorney at Law: Personal Injury Attorney in Everett, WA

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Here at Royce Ferguson Attorney at Law, we provide our clients with a quality experience along with confidential advice in a broad variety of legal matters. We cover anything from straightforward issues to more serious trials.

Royce has over 40 years and 300 jury trials worth of experience, and is a renowned author of published law books.

He has many services to offer, including:

  • A free consultation for all new cases
    • To hear your needs and assess your case to the fullest
  • Accepting interesting personal injury and civil law cases
    • He will work on contingency for these cases
  • Royce will work with you to create a reasonable payment plan for cases he does not work on for a contingency
    • We will give you an honest estimate of the time the legal process may take as well as any fees that may be associated with your representation or case.

We understand the hardships our clients are going through and we always try to help them solve their problems successfully and economically.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional, courteous service in your time of need to a complete resolution of your case or representation in a timely manner. You are the reason we are in practice.

When you need legal assistance or representation, please give us a call. The sooner you come to us for help, the faster we can assist you.

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