Legal Cases of Note in Everett, WA

The Case of “Ronda Reynolds”

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Royce Ferguson represented Barbara Thompson, the mother of deceased Washington State Trooper Ronda Reynolds. Ronda was found dead in her bedroom closet with a single bullet wound to the back of her head. She was found by her estranged husband, who called 911 to report the death as a suicide. With Royce’s help, Barbara was able to convince a jury that the death was actually a homicide.

The case is reported at Thompson v. Wilson, 142 Wn.App. 803 (2008). Well-known author Ann Rule’s book In the Still of The Night is about this case.

The Case of “Lyndsey Lason”

Lyndsey Lason was arrested and taken to the Snohomish County Jail to await trial on municipal misdemeanor charges. In jail, she fell from her bunk and repeatedly asked to see a doctor about difficulty breathing. Her requests for medical treatment were denied for more than a week, and Lyndsey eventually suffocated to death as a result of the infection in her chest cavity which was never treated. A simple medical procedure could have saved her life.

On behalf of Lyndsey’s young son, the personal representative of Lyndsey’s estate hired Royce Ferguson, who successfully presented a claim against the county for deliberate indifference to Lyndsey’s serious medical condition.

The Case of “Juliana Schubert”

Juliana Schubert, the mother of two young boys, was reported missing by her husband, who was an insurance broker and part-time policeman. Her body was never found. Karil Nelson, Juliana’s mother, hired Royce Ferguson to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the husband for the benefit of the two boys. Although no body was ever found, a jury held that Juliana was killed by her husband.

The case is reported at Nelson v. Schubert, 98 Wn.App. 754 (2000). After this civil case, David Schubert was later convicted of murder and sent to prison.

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